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Benefits of LED Car Park Lighting

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led car park lighting

LED car park lighting solutions are perfect for parking areas with high traffic. Unlike other types of car park lighting, these lights have an incredibly long lifespan. This is because they use reflector based LED, which ensures that the light does not spill and is ultra low glare. Furthermore, LEDs can withstand harsh weather conditions, so they are the perfect solution for parking areas. These features make them a great choice for commercial and industrial applications.

How to Choose Benefits of LED Car Park Lighting

Because they produce less energy than traditional lights, LEDs can save businesses a significant amount of money. In addition, they can be installed in covered car parks, which reduces maintenance costs. They can also eliminate statutory nuisances by not obtruding light into the back garden or windows. Because LED technology is self-regulating, they can be used in areas where energy is particularly scarce. By using zero degree incline brackets and asymmetrical LSR silicone lenses, these lights can be installed with minimal clutter.

One of the key benefits of LED car park lighting is its ability to reduce glare. The lamps are ideal for low-ceilinged car parks, because they can be installed into glass casings. This patented technology can enable manufacturers to fit up to 30% brighter LED chips into the fixtures. These lamps can even last for up to 50,000 hours! Another great benefit of LED car park lighting is its reduced maintenance costs. It saves a business as much as $5500 a year, which is great news for the environment.

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